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I Want to Get Divorced in Maryland, Now What?

If you live in Maryland, whether it is Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Baltimore, or any other are in the state and want to get divorced, it can be a long and complicated process for someone who does not first speak with an experienced family law attorney.

This first thing to understand is that in the vast majority of cases, you will have to live apart and separate from your spouse for one or two years before you can actually file for divorce. If you have an agreement with your spouse to live apart and separate, the separation period is a year, as opposed to two years as is typically required absent an agreement.

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What is a Mutual Consent Divorce in Maryland?

If you live in Washington, DC, you can get a no-fault divorce without actually having to live separate and apart for six months to a year in the manner you might think.  In other words, the law will let you technically live under the same roof, so long as you do not cohabitate. This basically means that you can’t have sex with each other and cannot otherwise act as a married couple.

However, if you live in Gaithersburg and want a divorce, for the most part you would have to actually live apart and separate, in a different household, for one to two years.  This can be expensive and a significant hardship for the parties who wish to get divorced but can’t afford to support another household right way.  This is especially common if you have bought a house together and are either upside down in your mortgage or one party simply cannot afford the payments by him or herself.

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Montgomery County Maryland Divorce Attorneys Prepare for a Busy January

For many, the new year is a time to try to get back to the gym, look for a new job, take better care of care of themselves, or do any number of things to make their lives better.  While it may seem odd at first, one of the major New Year’s resolutions for residents of Rockville and other and other areas in Montgomery County, Maryland, is getting a divorce.

There are a lot of reasons for this.  Obviously, any person who is seeking to get divorced is not in what most people would consider a happy marriage.  However, with regard to the timing, many people simply thing of January as a good time to make a new start for themselves. People often see the holidays leading up to the New Year as a particularly bad time to file for divorce, especially if that person has children.

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