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High Net Worth Divorce in Maryland and Washington, DC

The Washington, DC metropolitan area, including the Capital region of Maryland, is home to some of the more affluent families in the nation.  According to the most recent census data, it is also among one of the more educated areas in the country.  While having a greater degree of wealth is certainly nothing to complain about for those families fortunate enough to be included in this category, the reality is that divorce for high net worth families can be much more complicated in terms of property division, child support, and alimony, as compared to families who are not as fortunate with respect to their level of assets.

If you fall into the category of being a higher net worth individual and are contemplating a divorce, or your spouse has already filed for divorce, you should speak with an experienced Washington, DC or Maryland divorce attorney about the best ways to proceed with respect to your legal matter. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this process is about making sure you and your assets are protected from your spouse taking unfair advantage of you through a complicated legal process.  This is true whether you are the higher income earner in the family, or a stay at home parent.  It should also be noted that it is often possible for spouses to reach an agreement as to how assets will be divided and what child support or spousal support (alimony) will be paid, rather than going to trial and having the court decide.  While it may seem very unlikely at first, you may be surprised at how effective mediation can be.  This is especially true when the parties understand that the last thing they may want is leaving important economic decisions up to a court to decide following an adversarial hearing.

It is also important to make sure your attorney has experience dealing with the division of complex retirement accounts, investment accounts, the transfer and sale of real property, as well as child support and alimony issues. You have likely sacrificed a lot to get to the position you now are in, and you do not want to leave things up to chance.  With the higher salaries people are making in the area and seemingly ever-increasing value of real estate in places like Northwest DC and Bethesda, there is a lot at stake.  

As we often tell prospective clients, one of the best things you can do when deciding on who to hire as your Maryland or Washington, DC divorce attorney is to spend the time to speak with that person and make sure you feel comfortable working with him.  You should also make sure that you are meeting with the person who will actually be handling your case.  

Some firms like to tell clients that the use what they call a “team approach,” but what that really means is you will be meeting with a more experienced attorney during your initial consult and then will not likely see that person again, as your case will be passed on to one of many recently hired attorneys.

If you need assistance with a high net worth divorce in Maryland or Washington, DC, please feel free to contact the Law Offices of Daniel A. Gross, PLLC.